Dickens on the Strand

DECEMBER 1-3, 2023! Experience the 50th Anniversary of Dickens On the Strand!

Galveston Island is abuzz with the excitement of Dickens On the Strand’s 50th anniversary from December 1st to 3rd, 2023. Immerse yourself in a Victorian wonderland featuring period costumes, live entertainment, and engaging activities. This festival offers an enchanting journey to 19th-century London, complete with parades, Tiny Tim’s Play Land, and much more.

While Hazy Daze is right in the heart of the festival grounds, its offerings may not be strictly Dickens-themed. However, amidst the festival buzz, take a moment to explore the unique delights available. Discover an array of eclectic items, including pipe tobacco and pipes, offering a touch of nostalgia within the festival atmosphere. Hazy Daze might surprise you with unexpected treasures that complement your Dickens On the Strand experience.