White Gummi – Hybrid, Hemp-Infused Gummies, STIIIZY®


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White Gummi – Hybrid, Hemp-Infused Gummies, STIIIZY®


STIIIZY Hemp Gummies deliver a sensationally delicious and mouthwatering experience. Formulated to elevate and enhance user experience, each gummy is nano-infused with live resin to uphold a high level of potency. What is Nanotechnology? An innovative method that breaks down the active cannabinoid on a molecular level, nanotechnology yields a quicker absorption rate which allows for a faster onset time of 20 min or more

1050MG (15ct) GUMMIES

The STIIIZY Gummies are precisely blended and formulated to create a one-of-a-kind, a live resin infused product that boasts in flavor and potency.